Our music, songs and messages come to us as a gift from God, originating from our devotional times. They are our prayers and we invite you to make them yours.

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Download the song "Like A Beggar" for free here. (MP3 inside of ZIP-file)

Find the sheet music here and a translation here.

"Light Behind The Curtain" - Fine Ambience Pads in all prevalent major keys with with the longing for the world to come.

10.- EUR (as MP3-download)

Booklet "Germany - Pardoned With One Special Order", an impulse regarding the special order of Germany in this time. Printed version only is available only in German language.

0.- EUR + delivery


Download the song "Komm herab in deine Welt" for free here. (MP3 inside of ZIP-file)

Find the sheet music here.


The most recent CD with 14 songs by Martin & Ines. In these songs, they lift their eyes to God, to honour and worship him. The songs and melodies, which draw their inspiration from the bible, invite the listener to find themself before God and join in with these prayers.

15.- EUR + delivery


Songbook to go with the CD "Zeit der Lieder" with complete music to all songs in DIN A4 format.

10.- EUR + delivery

Booklet "And Let Them Make Me A Sanctuary", 56 pages, including the report of the stirring adventure of God's message regarding the worship journeys to Jerusalem and Auschwitz. Added with some suggestions to pray on the side of Israel. The booklet is available only in German language.

5.- EUR + delivery


CD with 12 beautiful songs from Ines, full of peace and healing, with texts from the psalms. Orchestrated with a grand piano and few other instruments, the songs create a calm and peaceful atmosphere.

8.- EUR + delivery

CD Booklet Nur Deine Gnade_RZ_pfade_ausgeschossen.indd

This CD with 14 worship songs invites people to join in. They have been recorded in a special and authentic atmosphere, in the place where we live, and with the community of musicians who share our heart and vision.

15.- EUR + delivery


Songbook with complete scores for all songs from the CD’s "meine seele singt" and "Nur deine Gnade" and over 100 more songs from Ines and Martin Fritzsch, Susi Hiemer, Michael (micwen) Wendler and Michael Cramer. The scores are embedded in thoughtful graphics by Sylven Fritzsch. They are well suited for corporate worship, as well as your personal devotional time.

DIN A5 12.- EUR / DIN A4 16.- EUR + delivery