We are, first and foremost, lovers of Jesus and admirers of His grace. We love the Holy Spirit. Through the brokenness we experienced in our life and our longing for God, He has led us to a road of prayer and to the Father. Our hearts beat for healing and for unity within the family of God, especially Israel.

We put coming into the presence of God and giving Him our adoration at the centre of our ministry. Beyond that, our songs invite people to meet Him in worship. For this, and for sharing the gospel, we can be invited.

We have learnt from His word and from our own experiences that the God of the bible loves people, who search for His presence and worship him. Therefore, our daily life is primarily shaped by prayer, worship, silence, listening and intercession before God.

God is longing to see reconciliation and the proclamation of who He is and how He is. He loves being the God of Israel. His love for Israel is what motivates us to pass on what we have received from Him. You can invite us to do this in your church. It could be leading worship during a service or at a different event, worship concerts with our songs, prayer and intercession, or proclaiming the gospel and teaching about God’s passion for Israel. Feel free to contact us.