a prayer guide for israel

The Hebrew word "amar" means something like saying, speaking, producing something or also promising, commanding, intending, thinking something and saying it in one's heart. In Ez 37:3 it introduces God's communication with Ezekiel and also describes his response. Right at the beginning of the Bible it happens when God speaks and there is light. Speaking audibly is only possible for us through the breath that God gives, something that is at the same time deeply connected to His spirit.

In the period from May 07.-28. 2023, approximately 5 million people around the world have fasted and prayed for Israel. They are accepting an invitation from the “International House of Prayer” in Kansas City. We passed on this invitation back then. As part of this global community, many prayed with us for God's people and used the prayer impulses we broadcast on the prophetic chapter Ezekiel 37.

Based on the moving experiences of these 21 days, we hear God's call to process these video messages into a prayer guide for Israel under the title "amar37" and to publish it as a book. "amar37" wants to help to take God's heartfelt concerns into prayer with a community, a home group or an Israel prayer group week after week or daily for 3 weeks.

We believe that chapter 37 of the prophetic book of Ezekiel captures events for the land of Israel, the city of Jerusalem and the Jewish people that God has just fulfilled, is now fulfilling, or will soon fulfill. We read it as a chapter for this time. If this is true, we believe it will move the Father's heart as we study it and talk to Him about it in prayer.

All previous prayer impulses you can watch here.

Why is that so important

Israel's national repentance (Acts 3:19) and confession that Jesus is the Messiah (Matthew 23:39) is deeply rooted in the return of Jesus, the fulfillment of the great commission, and "life from the dead" (Romans 11:15) for the whole earth. Jesus will not return until the leaders in Jerusalem recognize him as the Messiah according to Psalm 118:26. Jesus himself says: "Jerusalem, Jerusalem... I tell you, you will not see me from now on until you say, 'Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord!'" (Mt 23:37-39)

We believe that this 21-day prayer will be a catalyst for the fulfillment of God's heart's desire for Israel in this hour.

What we want to pray for

For Israel

For the speedy fulfillment of God's promises to His people

For the raising of intercessors for Israel from the Gentiles

Our prayers will be guided by the prophetic words for God's people in Ezekiel 37. We see this biblical message as a central word for Israel at this time and as a current expression of God's heart desires.